Zsolt Laczkó

Individual development coach, PFLA, 2019-

Former player of UC Sampdoria, FTC, Leicester City, DVSC, Vasas and Honvéd

22 times in the Hungarian national team

Individual Development coach

‘Recently, greater emphasis has been placed on the work of coaches responsible for individual development training. No two players have the same ability; the flaws of every player need to be addressed in different ways. The programme provides coaches with a good tool for this differential approach and it allows them to prepare an infinite number of creative exercises, customised to the needs of the individual, using the built-in movement templates.

A great advantage of the programme is that using the pitch sheets, the training work of all players can be processed on one interface and there is no need to open the exercises individually. More complex exercises are easily understood due to animated 3D visualisation.

Using the built-in documentation editor, the training material in pdf format can be sent to the players, who on reading the description and the key points arrive prepared to the training.’

András Helm

Individual development coach, 2005–

Assistant coach, ZTE, 2019-2020

Reserves coach, MTK Hungária FC, 2008-2015