Fitness Coach

‘One of the most important pillars of modern football is the appropriate fitness level of players. If this component is missing, the risk of injures increases and some tactical movements, which require fitness and speed, are not executable.

Using the programme, I am finally able to design trainings creating test courses. There are many fitness and coordination tools available (buoy, pole, barrier, coordination ladder, circle, laser gate, stool, stick, etc.), which can be placed on the surface in a simple and visual way.

It is also important that these accessories are portrayed on the pitch image proportionally! The prepared individual and team fitness training plans can be documented and retrieved.

It is also of great help that I am able to send an individual training plan in electronic format to a player during a recovery due to holiday or an injury. In this way, players can continue their preparations at home in order to join the proper training programme as fast as possible.’

Károly Papp

Fitness Coach, Debreceni LA, 2019-

Teacher, Testnevelési Egyetem (Physical Education) University, 2018

„The author of the book „Nagy intenzitású futball” (High intensity football)