Technical Questions

On what operating systems can the software run?

Windows 10/ OSX10.10 / Linux Ubuntu 18 version operating system is required.

The following are the minimum requirements in order to use the product: Intel Celeron N3010 processor, 4 GB RAM, 1 GB background storage, 13” monitor, Intel HD Graphics 400 video card

The programme has been continuously tested since 2012. It has been shipped to over 500 coaches in the last two years and we implement their feedback in the programme.

Upgrades are sent or available to subscribers only and they are issues every 1-3 months.

Questions related to subscriptions

What should I do if I would like to order the programme as a private person, what is the price and what are the payment options?

You can avail of a subscription as a private person, too. The cost is expected to be HUF 3,990 and it is available in the form of monthly payments only.

First of all, the team/association in question should inform us in writing how many licence codes and for what period it would like to order. Then, we would send an individual pricing offer. Then, we and the association would sign an agreement and invoicing/payment follows. We sign individual agreements with those teams/associations which would pay in advance for licences for at least 10 users for 1 year. Of course, in such cases, we offer a 5% discount on the list price.  

A purchased licence code is valid for one person and it will run on the computer attached to that person only. At any given time, a licence code can run on one computer only and a change of computers is possible after 1 hour only.

Questions related to the use of the programme

After a tutorial video, things are happening too fast and I cannot follow them. What should I do to better see the clicks?

In many cases, the process has been recorded with a 2x speed to reduce the duration of the videos. Within a video playing software, by pressing the SPACE key one can stop the video and examine the events that have taken place to date.

The programme uses very few combinations. On 3D interfaces, using CTRL+ left mouse button one can turn or move the pitch. Group selection takes place on pressing CTRL+ left mouse button on 2D interfaces.

You need to change the font size back to 100% in the system setting to order for smaller icons to appear. In the future, our plans include the possibility of setting this function within the programme.

Learning can be initiated in many ways: on your own, using the educational video or in person. Personal tuition is the fastest option but the programme can be mastered on your own as well, within 30 mins to 2 hours.